Terms and Regulations

1. Except for different arrangements, the duration of a lesson (course hour) is 45 minutes.

2. By definitely registering for a course, the candidate commits herself/himself to regularly attend the course and to pay the corresponding fees. The registration can be cancelled by registered letter within five days from the registration date but not later than 10 days before the beginning of the course. Unless differently agreed, the course fees must be paid in advance and cannot be refunded.

3. Unless differently agreed, the course fees must be paid in advance. In case of cancellation within the deadlines, the fees paid in advance will be refunded minus CHF 50.- for administration costs.

4. In the case of group courses the school management is responsible for the composition of the groups and the setting up of the corresponding timetables. Lessons missed due to professional duties, holidays, illness or military obligations cannot be replaced or otherwise compensated. In extreme cases the school management can decide, at its free discretion, to grant catch-up lessons.

5. If in a group the minimum number of participants is not reached, the school management reserves the right to proportionally reduce the teaching time or to cancel the course. If a course is cancelled, the fees for the lessons already given will be calculated according to the price list valid at the registration date and the course fees paid in excess will be refunded.

6. The timetable of individual lessons is set up by the candidate in agreement with the school management. For administrative reasons it cannot be arranged exclusively with the teacher. Timetable changes or cancellations of lessons have to be communicated to the school management be 8.00 p.m. of the previous working day at the latest. Lessons missed because of late cancellation cannot be replaced of refunded.

7. Should the candidate not be able to finish her/his program because of unforeseeable circumstances (acts of God), she/he can transfer the remaining lessons to a third party or have the value of her/his lessons transferred to another inlingua school. If none of these solutions can be envisaged, the school can refund 80 % of the remaining course fees at most.

8. The lessons that the candidate has registered for must be taken within 12 months from the registration date or from the date of the last course extension.